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planter IVO

architectural plant pots model IVO, is a family of 3 elements in various dimensional combinations, different heights. They are based on a rectangle and are one of the most-bought items in our collection of flower pots.

product description


Flower pot on a rectangular plan of 50 cm / 30 cm and height from 50/70/100 cm. The pot with its shape perfectly presents the simplicity of the material which is concrete, flat walls interestingly highlight the inhomogeneity of the material. Discoloration, pores, and pitting, so typical for concrete plants. However, the surface of the material itself seems to be warm and velvety. This is due to architectural concretes formed in high-quality Artis Visio forms.

Perfectly multiplicative 2, 3 elements. Ideal for planting low wild grasses, creating a colorful “hat”, as well as simple soaring greenery, extending additionally the element. The rectangular form also gives the possibility of multiplying flower pots so that they form a massive form of a partition, wall or wall.

Ivo planters are produced in 3 different sizes allowing for free grouping and collating.


technical features

Frost resistance: F 150.
Abrasion: 4i.
Flexural strength: over 6 MPa.
Thickness: 20-25 mm.

Colors: * white * light gray * gray * anthracite * black. Rusty only for indoor use.

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