Primeiro. Exclusive wall tile, made of solid oak, glued. The natural beauty of the oak, was emphasized by the finishing by oiling.


3D wood tile SEGONDO The oak wood, after the treatment with highly advanced carpentry technologies, is subjected to polishing and oiling. order now back to the tiles list Product Description Plate segondo – another from a collection of unique designs, wooden...


3d wood tile TERCIO Tercio tile – made of solid oak wood, wall tile in the form of a pentagon with & nbsp; concave relief. Delicate form, nice size, and way of assembling elements, order now back to the tiles list product description Tercio tile- made of...


Płytka Quarto – to wyjątkowy ornament znany z motywów organicznych prac Antonio Gaudiego, spotykanych często w przestrzeni jego rodzinnej Barcelony.

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