Frost resistance and durability.

Implementation of GRC concrete mixer from our production & nbsp; / more photos in the gallery & nbsp; Our realizations. We made pots for planting throughout the year. Thanks to the GRC technology in our concrete pots, while maintaining the highest frost resistance parameters at the F 150 level, keep the wall thickness low.& nbsp; As a result, such an element is simply light. & nbsp; Light also means eco-friendly! Why? & nbsp; our flower pots have a wall thickness of 1.5 cm to 3 cm / depending on the size. Comparable traditional plant pots do not have this strength. This results in walls with a minimum thickness of 3-10 cm !!! It’s much more sand, it’s much more cement, energy, and water that they consume & nbsp; producers of traditional mixtures.

The ECO mark for us.

Our flower pots are green so double! green, ecological and, at the same time, have a longer life and durability due to technological advantages. The use of selected factions of sand and pure Portland cement gives pleasure in touch. More photos at Google + & nbsp;

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