Large format boards, only GRC!

Our architectural concrete panels have been enclosed in the lift shaft.

For the needs of the implementation, we made corners to size, thanks to which we have a very aesthetic finishing of the entire shaft. The shaft is covered with standard decorative plates from our architectural concrete GRC mixture dimension 250/100 cm! a thickness of only 11 mm. making such large and light elements is possible thanks to the use of GRC technology, consistent with the art of its production, we obtain high material strength. What’s more, our production is manual forming and making elements, thanks to which the whole arrangement has a strong and authentic expression. Artis Visio does not use ready-made molds for the production of elements, thanks to which it avoids the effect of artificiality and boring repetition of plates and elements. Our material is alive and is appreciated by crowds of architects from around the world. The implementation was made in a porous and gray material. More photos from the implementation on our websiteGoogle +

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