Architectural concrete or corten?

For all who like to follow the latest trends in interior design, we have good news. From this month, architectural concrete is available in a completely new version. We present the latest proposal for covering the surface of the boards – “Rusty”. This solution increases the available color palette of architectural concrete. The “Rusty” effect is performed by provoking the natural rust on the concrete surface. The effect is somewhat reminiscent of Corten steel.

What is Corten?It is nothing more than specially prepared steel with a coating that undergoes natural rusting. Exactly the same process we obtained in our material, possible thanks to the application of iron oxides. Such prepared plates will certainly be the original decoration of the interior. Of course, the rusty coating is properly secured and fixed. Protection of this material takes place after the rusting process, which preserves the effect. The final result can be graded to be more or less intense. How do you like this original version of concrete?

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