We win the Scandinavian hearts.

What do architectural concrete and Scandinavian design have in common? Many, above all unusual compositions, unique interiors and a combination of materials. Although the Scandinavian design is associated with simplicity, our decorative concrete has found its application there permanently, because it is used in the implementation of projects by local architects. One of the basic advantages of our products, in addition to the rich and interesting design of the wall and decorative tiles, is their durability against various weather conditions, also the unfavorable northern climate of the Scandinavian countries. In addition, the lightweight formula of our tiles, unique to concrete, makes installation quick and easy, and GRC technology, which we use in the production of our architectural concrete, appreciated all over the world!
In Sisustusmagiaa (interior magic), you will find a realization using Tzara and Rivall 3D concrete tiles. We invite you to view photos from the article on our profilegoogle plus …


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