Vintage cement slabs in the "Power-Fit" gym interiors

Architectural concrete Artis Visio
We are extremely pleased to cooperate with the “Power-Fit” gym network, which uses our products to enhance the aesthetic value of our interiors.
Our next implementation concerned the construction of walls with architectonic concrete slabs called Vintage in POWER-FIT Sosnowiec. We create architectural concrete with Vintage finish using modern technologies and natural aging processes. Thanks to this, we obtain the effect of authenticity and uniqueness of the material. The vintage product itself, by definition, does not seek to “polite” the material, which is the main idea of our collection. Beauty and austerity ,and intensity and variability of the surface , found a large number of recipients seeking a unique expression of their interiors. Features of various porosity, voids on the edge are a natural feature of the material. Thus, any color heterogeneity, streaks and spots result from the production process and are desirable. Vintage concrete slabs it’s authenticity, it’s a material that is faithful in itself to what it is in construction, structures, and retaining walls. Faithful loft image. Vintage concrete slabs are the possibilities of creating strong in the expression and character of interiors !. The uniqueness of the material results from the natural process of maturing concrete.
Vintage cement slabs

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