Investment – individual investor. Another arrangement of fireplaces, using our architectural concrete – decorative plates from GRC class concrete. This time, architectural concrete slabs were used in a standard thickness of 11 mm, in gray and light porosity.

Thanks to the use of GRC technology – plates with reinforcement dispersed with glass fiber, it is possible to apply the material on fireplace enclosures. This is important because other polyurethane fibers, for example, are able to oxidize with a rather unbearable smell and quickly crack. The low weight of the decorative panels allows for mounting on the fireplace casing from plasterboard. All housing elements were made to order, all openings and dimensions were adapted to the customer’s needs. Edges and joining plates at an angle of 45 degrees. Only the assembly remained on the site – gluing in the Ardex system, meeting the requirements and challenges posed by the fireplace housing problem. Due to the small thickness of 10 mm and the same weight, while maintaining maximum strength, the investor has no concerns about the safety of the household. In addition, our concrete was used as room wall panels, complementing the interior composition.

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