In the culinary studio. Smaczny betonu.

Our decorative concrete and tasty, elegant place on the map of Katowice! Participant of the Masterchef program – Jolanta Kleser. In this interior design we used concrete 3D tile models – Pero, Kili, Serpente, Puro, La Rambla. In addition, the arrangement included a concrete wall with GRC architectural concrete slabs and other elements such as concrete tops topped with concrete pots / or rather a mini version tastefully planted and stimulating the sense of herbs. In the bathroom area, the Investor decided to apply decorative tiles to the floors, which in combination with Killi and Kili’s tiles. It perfectly blends in with the whole interior. In the culinary language of this place one could say that the icing on the cake of the arrangement is a free-standing concrete basin installed in the bathroom of the clients. Our architectural concrete has been great in the interior. More on Google+ < / span>

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